Community Events: 12 June 2014 Q&A Sessions

We had our 1st Q&A Session (open office hours) today and discussed the Data Migration work.

On Wednesday, Alberto and Jan had a meeting with Mr. Botomo, the new implementation manager for EGPAF.  We discussed the data migration steps, including:
Data Dictionary mapping between the systems (called Concept Dictionary Harmonization in the workshop presentation)
Data Cleaning / Scrubbing – Manual and Scripted
Updating or Rewriting the Migration Script from FGH
Creating Migration Test Plans for validating the data between the systems after migration
Planning for Rollback in case of issues
Conducting the Migration

In the workshop, various people agreed to work on each of those pieces.  Alberto will be facilitating a kick-off of this work in next week’s technical meeting to be held at ICAP on Tuesday 17th June.  In that meeting we will review the details of each of those steps and who has agreed to work on each piece.  He will also set a project plan and dates for each piece to be finalized.

Botomo suggested the idea of installing eSaude EMR for new patients while continuing to use ICAP for existing patients.  This approach allows additional time to clean existing data (also called “scrubbing”) to ensure higher quality data for the new system.  We identified several issues that need to be discussed as a group before deciding if this is the approach to take.

Potential Problems:
Burden on data entry – slows down entry, creates resistance to use of the new system
Potential patient duplication between systems
Reporting burden because data comes from two systems
Extra time to migrate - have to reconcile data between the two systems in order to migrate

Alberto will bring this up with the group on Tuesday, but I’d like to discuss this via email with the implementers as much as possible before then to help give some direction to the discussion with the technical group.

The next Q&A session will be Wednesday 18th June at 4pm Mozambique time.  You can use this link to connect to the meeting: