Community Events: 20 Feb 2014 Technical Meeting
Prepared by Alberto Munenda


Joao Gabriel Mazuze, CHASS-SMT
Herminio Nhaguombe, CHASS-SMT
Jose Mizela, ICAP
Solimone Nhamcume, ICAP
Marcel Andela, CHAI
Lucio Matsimbe, CCS
Eurico Jose, FGH
Alberto Munenda, I-TECH


  • OpenMRS Technical Architecture overview
  • Discussion: Prioritization of technical training topics


The first technical meeting focuses on OpenMRS arquitectura and functionalities. There was a great discussion and all IT are real engaged to learning OpenMRS. During our meeting there was suggestion to change communication channel since most of them are struggling to understand how google groups works. Some Implementation Partners IT staff did show up because they didn’t see invitation for meeting which was sent though google group mail list. 

Alberto Munenda and Eurico Jóse will meet on March 10, 2014 to discuss the overall process of training IT on Implementing OpenMRS.


OpenMRS Technical Introduction

Training topic prioritization

  1. System Installation and Troubleshooting
  2. User and Application Administration
  3. Network Setup and Configuration for OpenMRS
  4. Performing Database Backups
  5. HTML Forms Development
  6. Performing System Upgrades
  7. MySQL Training for OpenMRS Queries
  8. Virtual Machine and Virtual Appliances

Next Steps

  • Elaborate training materials
  • Prepare application stack
  • Proposal timeline for training