Implementation Packet

In an effort to assist implementers in an eSaude EMR implementation, an Implementation Packet is being developed.  The packet includes guides and tools to assist in the planning and processes.  Suggestions for new materials and tools and templates are welcome!  Please bring suggestions to the OpenMRS implementers meetings, or send to the mailing list at openmrs-mozambique at googlegroups dot com.

Implementation Planning Guide
Intended to be a template of steps and principles for implementers to consider in order to maximize efficiency and minimize risk of implementing, maintaining, and transitioning the OpenMRS EMR software in Mozambique, eSaude.

Implementation Process Flowchart
A diagram of the implementation process.
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Implementation Workplan Excel Template
Using the steps and roles from the Implementation Planning Guide, this template lays out a project plan of the steps and activities for each site and allows an implementer to assign staff to Responsible, Helpers, Acceptance, or Inform roles.  In addition, there is a worksheet for tracking the progress of the main activities across across multiple sites within the implementation program.

Health Facility EMR Champion Selection Guide
This document contains guidelines for choosing facility based eSaude EMR champion. The guidelines are organized by tasks at three different phases of EMR implementation; planning, installation, and maintenance. The Health Facility EMR champion should be identified as early as possible in the planning phase, ideally during the managers orientation or the site assessment.
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EMR System Support Structure Guide
Guide to setting up support staff for the use and maintenance of eSaude EMR implementations.  The guide explains the principles of prioritizing issues and gives examples for how to set service level targets throughout a tiered support structure.
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Health Facility EMR Implementation Readiness Assessment Tool
This tool is used to capture from the site the essential information needed for implementation.  All of this information will then be used to plan the remainder of the steps in the initial implementation.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Server Configuration SOP (Coming Soon)
Networking Configuration SOP (Coming Soon)
Data Security SOP (Coming Soon)
Data Quality SOP (Coming Soon)

Health Facility EMR Implementation Post-Mortem (Lessons Learned) Report
Once implementation is completed and ready to move into the maintenance phase, use this template to review what went well and what areas need improvement in the implementation process.