eSaude EMR Versions

The page describes the different released version of eSaude EMR.

eSaude EMR v1.0.0

This is the first release of eSaude EMR that was given to the eSaude community by FGH. eSaude EMR v1.0.0 is made up of the following:
  • OpenMRS v1.9.2 (download here)
  • eSaude EMR v1.0.0 clean database (download here)
  • eSaude EMR v1.0.0 modules (download here)

eSaude EMR v1.1.0

The main feature of this release of eSaude EMR is an upgraded version of OpenMRS. Some modules had to be upgraded in order to support the new OpenMRS version. The components of eSaude EMR v1.1.0 are the following:
  • OpenMRS v1.11.3 (download here)
  • eSaude EMR v1.1.0 clean database (download here)
  • eSaude EMR v1.1.0 modules (download here)

eSaude EMR v1.2.0

This version of eSaude EMR consists of two components - the platform and the point of care system. 

eSaude EMR Platform v1.2.0

The platform is essentially the same as the previous eSaude EMR system (although with an upgraded OpenMRS core and a few added modules). The platform provides the legacy UI and can still be used as normal (with or without the POC system) for retrospective data entry and reporting (see the demo). To install the platform you will need the following resources:
  • OpenMRS v1.11.5 (download here)
  • eSaude EMR Platform v1.2.0 clean database (download here)
  • eSaude EMR Platform v1.2.0 modules (download here)

eSaude EMR Point of Care v1.2.0

The point of care (POC) system is an Angular JS application that runs on top of the platform. The system provide an interface better designed for touch screen devices and interacts with the platform using RESTful web services (see the demo). To install the POC locally, so the instructions outline here.